Exacta Plastics,Inc. servers their customers in the United States and abroad with it's complete plastic injection molding and mold making capabilities from within Southern California. To be competitive in the mold making industry, Exacta Plastic's also has an offshore facility in India.

Exacta Plastics, Inc. has the ability to perform secondary operations such as assembly and machining for it's clients.

Since 1973, Exacta Plastics, Inc. has been a valued partner to their clients in the fields of Medical Devices, Defense, Power Tools and Commercial Applications. Exacta Plastics helps it's clients identify the appropriate resin for their application and help them through the design and developmental phases with it's 75 to 400 tons of molding machines.


To provide a nourishing environment to our employees and offering excellent service to our clients while providing great return on investments to our stock holders.


We want our clients, existing and new, to call us every time they have to troubleshoot or develop plastic related parts and/or assemblies.



Exacta Plastics provides a variety of assembly and secondary operations including Sonic Welding, Insert Molding, Painting, Shielding, Hot Stamping, Part Assembly, Balancing, Date Coding, Labeling, Post-Production Bending, Packaging. If your molding project includes the need for secondary operations, allow Exacta Plastics to take full responsibility for the entire project.


Instant mold and part quote!
Low cost, fast turnaround, excellent quality plastic injection molds!
Designed and built to U.S. standards!
Various mold making capabilities, including hot runner, core pull, and
slide mechanisms!
Hand molds are prototype molds!
Perfect fit for functional / marketing / clinical trial purposes!
Can mold from 1 to 1000 parts as a low-production mold!
Instant mold quote!


Exacta Plastics is equipped with the state of the art laser cutting machines.
Precision Laser Cutting to .001
Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Plastic, Acrylic, Wood, Quartz,
Exotics, Carbon Steel, Titanium, and other Metals!
Laser Cutting of Hydroformed, Metal Spun and Metal Stamped Parts!
Laser Tube Cutting!
5 Axis Laser Cutting for Shaped Parts!
Thin Material Laser Cutting!
Plastic and Copper Laser Cutting!


44+ years of experience in the plastic injection molding industry!
Complete custom plastics injection molding services from India and USA!
Machine sizes ranging from 50 ton to 500 ton!
Complimentary product design and consulting, quick prototype
Consistent scientific molding, high quality, tight tolerances,
 shorter lead time!
Capabilities of molding biodegradable / compostable material!


Stringer Box SB-100


In the same line of temporary power systems, Exacta Plastics has designed stringer boxes keeping assembly in mind. The unique design has been developed with ease of cable and receptacle assembly in the stringer line. The edges of the stringer box are designed for pulling stringer assembly with ease and not get caught at the corners. The stringer box is made from tough Poly Carbonate material to withstand rough handling and drag on the surface. The stringer boxes also come with standard Edison round and GFI square receptacle plates.

Gang Box GB-300 Single Hole


Exacta Plastics makes Gang Boxes for temporary power distribution systems. They are made from PVC material and black in color for UV resistance. Gang Boxes come with standard Edison plate or GFI square receptacle plate. GB-300 has one hole for the cable passage and the GB-302 has two holes for cable passage.

Gang Box GB-302 Dual Hole


Exacta Plastics makes Gang Boxes for temporary power distribution systems. They are made from PVC material and black in color for UV resistance. Gang Boxes come with standard Edison plate or GFI square receptacle plate. GB-300 has one hole for the cable passage and the GB-302 has two holes for cable passage.



Exacta Plastics has developed a unique scraper material for scraping as well as O-ring and clip removal. These scrapers are hard at the edges for scraping and at the same time flexible to bend and get into hard to reach places. Our non-metallic scrapers are widely used for various applications in the Aerospace industry, Military, Navy, Air Force, and composites manufacturing. The non-metallic scrapers are 3/4” wide and 6” long and red in color.




The Wolf Claw features a full high impact, molded nylon shell design. The steel climbing harness is embedded in the shell. The
climber steps into a boot which is supported on all sides. This boot design eliminates any tendency for the harness to rotate which makes for hours of comfortable climbing. The boot is ergonomically designed so there is almost no force on the leg. The boot is lined with a neoprene pad which fits snugly against the leg. This design gives full support because it fits snugly and the force is spread out over the entire surface of the leg.

Everything about the Wolf Claw is adjustable. The upper leg rest can be adjusted up and down. For climbers with small feet, the
boot liner has spacers which can be adjusted in and out. The Wolf Claw has a three position gaff which allows for tree climbing
and pole climbing by adjusting the gaff up and down. We are convinced the Wolf Claw is the finest pole and tree climbing harness available...at any price.

After years of research and development, we unveiled the Wolf Claw Pole & Tree Climbing Boot Harness. We created the Wolf Claw to address the shortcomings of the traditional harness shown on the right. We researched the climbing profession to find out the their opinion of the harness they used. We found professional pole and tree climbers have two major concerns with the standard gaff type climbing harness:

1. The “turning force” of the strap harness on the leg. Climbers tell they have a hard time keeping the harness straight on the leg. Because the steel strap is only on one side of the leg, it forces the harness to rotate around on the leg, This turning force
is inherent in the design. The only thing the climber can do
is to tighten the harness on the leg. This leads to discomfort, especially after hours of climbing.

2. Excess pressure on the skin of the leg. As you can see, the harness rides entirely on a small area just below the knee. After hours of climbing this area has a tendency to become uncomfortable.

The features and improvements of the Wolf Claw Tree & Pole Climbing Boot Harness are almost too numerous to mention. The Wolf Claw is the result of years of testing and research. Our goal is to provide the ultimate climbing device. Everything shown and described here is included in the base price of the Wolf Claw.1. Adjustable Extension - The top strap must ride just below the knee for maximum climbing comfort. The Wolf Claw extension can be adjusted up and down. Once you find the exact location the extension is bolted in place. We also provide rivets if you wish to permanently affix the extension.

2. New “Molded Upper Pad” - The knee pad, which rides under the upper strap, has a special molded curved shape which fits perfectly to the leg. This allows for hours of climbing in total comfort.

3. Neoprene Lining - The Wolf Claw comes with a Velcro attached neoprene lining. The lining has ventilation holes
along the back so you stay cool. The lining keeps the boot snug without causing soreness due to access pressure on the skin.4.Bolts and/or Rivets for Extension - Each Wolf Claw is made to be custom fitted for the climber. We have
made every attempt to make our kit as versatile as possible. For this reason we have provided both bolts and rivets to affix the upper extension. This way you can keep your Wolf Claw adjustable or affix it permanently with rivets.

5.Quick Release Gaff Pins - The stainless steel gaff can be affixed with bolts or quick release pins. The pins are stainless steel aerospace quality pins which are capable of thousands of pounds of pressure. The quick release pins allow you to take off
the gaff for safety and mobility. It makes maintaining the gaff easy and convenient. For climbers who prefer bolts, we provide them as well.

6. Gaff Cover (Not Shown) - The Wolf Claw stainless gaffs are razor sharp for maximum bite. We provide leather gaff covers for safety and to protect the gaff from dents and dings. The gaff point remains as sharp as a surgical knife at all times.

7. Riveted Lower Strip - The lower strap is riveted through the 4130 cold rolled, heat treated steel harness
embedded in the boot. The lower strap is capable of withstanding tremendous force.

8. Gaff Holder Welded into Frame - Inside each boot is a 4130 cold rolled, heat treated steel frame. The gaff bracket is welded directly to the frame.Then the frame assembly is heat treated for maximum strength and placed into the boot mold where it is encased in a high impact nylon shell.

9.Walking Pad - The Wolf Claw features a rubber walking pad so you can walk around without having to remove the harness. The walking pad eliminates the need to take the harness off several times during the day.

10. All Accessories Included - We have made every effort to make the Wolf Claw the ultimate climbing device. Each Wolf Claw includes all the accessories. We include all covers, bolts, rivets, pins, and a carrying bar. Be sure to consult our accessories page for
the full line of Wolf Claw parts.

11. Straps - Our research has told us that climbers are very specific about the style of boot harness they prefer. We offer a “traditional” straight strap.

12.Heat Treated Stainless Steel Gaff - Let’s face it, the gaff is where the climber meets the tree. For that reason we include a high quality, heat treated, stainless steel gaff capable of getting and holding an incredibly sharp edge. We also include leather gaff covers to insure your gaff will be as sharp as a razor at all times.

13. Bracket 4130 Heat Treated Steel - Inside of each Wolf Claw boot is a steel climbing harness similar to the ones which have been in use for a hundred years. Don’t let the smooth appearance fool you...for inside each Wolf Claw is a steel frame which is made from one of the strongest steel materials money can buy.

14. Full Support - Zero Turning Force - One of the most common complaints we get from climbers is that the harness wants to turn their leg. The Wolf Claw features a full support, boot design which eliminates any tendency for the harness to turn on the leg. The result is hours of “zero turning” force climbing which is an absolute joy to those who climb for a living.
Everything on the Wolf Claw Pole & Tree Climbing Boot Harness is replaceable. We manufacture and stock a full line of accessories for the Wolf Claw. Shown and described on the right are the accessories and parts available for the Wolf Claw. We also offer replacement neoprene
boot liners and Wolf Claw carrying bags (shown below). Every Wolf Claw Climbing Boot Harness comes with the full complement of accessories including the handy carrying bag. If you would like to order accessories for your Wolf Claw online, proceed to our Accessories Order Form.1. Straps - We offer the standard belt type upper and lower straps.

2. Upper Extension - We offer upper extensions should yours become damaged. The extension is made of high impact nylon and can be set into the boot suing bolts. The bolts included.

3. Liner Spacers - For women and smaller climbers we offer spacers. The spacers affix to the back of the liner, between the liner and the boot shell. The spacers are affixed using Velcro and stand the liner off the boot shell giving smaller climbers a perfectly snug and secure fit.

4. Replacement Gaffs and Covers - Your gaff should be kept razor sharp for maximum climbing ease. Our gaffs are made from high quality, heat-treated stainless steel. Stainless steel makes them resistant to rust and corrosion. Should your gaff become damaged, we have them in stock. We offer two gaffs - one for pole climbing and one for tree climbing.

5. Molded Upper Pads - Our research showed that the upper pad had to be shaped exactly right for maximum comfort. The shape of the upper pad is the result of years of research. You can see the slight curvature of the pad making it a perfect fit for hours of comfortable climbing.

6. Walking Pads - One of the features of the Wolf Claw is the ability to walk around with them on. On the bottom of the boot is a nylon walking pad. Should the pad become worn, we offer replacement pads.

7. Neoprene Replacement Liners - The Neoprene liners are designed to make the boot fit snugly and securely. A snug fit is essential for comfortable
and safe climbing. The holes in the liners are cut to ventilate the leg area. The liners affix to the boot shell with Velcro strips. For smaller climbers we offer spacers which fit between the liner and the shell. Using spacers, everyone has a safe secure fit -
regardless of their size.

8. The Wolf Claw Carrying Bag - Your Wolf Claw, and all of its accessories fit into the Wolf Claw carrying bag. The bag allows you to grab your boots
(and all the accessories) and put them in the climbing truck for convenience.


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